O&A and STP

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OA are really messing with Stern & KROCK. This is gonna push a lot of buttons over there."

This is great! It's fun seeing O&A getting under Stern and K-Rock's skin.

Of course, the best part came from Wil Pendarvis. I just happened to be flipping the dial during a commercial, and heard Wil trying to claim the STP performance was from HIS show (it was really from Stern's). But of course, he did it as a veiled reference (as always). Pendarvis never wastes an opportunity to take a shot at O&A. But what makes it funny is that hardly anyone is listening...


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now that my friend was cringe-radio at its best. a bit off the "radio edit". hoo hoo you robbed me finally. LOL rock on guys
If thats true, It's gonna piss off howard big time
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