O&A Boston

Ok i dont get to listen to that much of the show everyday but i heard them talking about problems there having getting on in Boston. Can anyone explain what is going on cause i caught the end of what they where saying.


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It's just taking alittle more time than expected. The Boston fans want O & A back. It's just a matter of time before they get back on the air in Boston. It will most likely be sooner rather than later. From what I gather they will be going to a station in Boston that said they would never air them, or something. Which adds to the fact that O & A always win in the end.
They said last week that they have a 60 day agreement with WBCN, but they don't want to put them on live. They want to keep their classic rock format in drive-time, and put them on later (10-2) on tape. No good.
So they're waiting for them to make up their minds before the 60 days are up. If not they'll go elsewhere up there.
Shit. They will get on in Boston and when they do that is gonna be one of there best markets for them. I trust O&A they can make this happen.