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We all know that the boys love their catch phrases and obscure references, but we don't all know where they came from. I though I would start a thread where people could post questions about a certain one and others can fill us in as to the genesis of the phrase.(feel free to destroy me if I missed a similar thread from 2006 or whatever)
I always wondered where "Hello Billlll" when they answer the phones came from.
Also "So-sy-o-tee" (society). I assume that is from Rev Al or something.

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Soh-Si-Oh-Tee is from an episode of Quincy (Jimcy). Some Shwoogie with a 70's accent.


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Thanks. It only turned out to be a 2 page thread specifically about the "Hello Bill" phrase. I wanted to make an ongoing thread for people to post in as they hear new ones.
Hey dummy, you asked for an explanation of "hello Bill" so I provided it. It wasn't supposed to be anything more than that.


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The one I could never figure out was what movie "cray-zayyyyy" is from. Fiddle-isk? Help?


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I for one wonder what it would be like if the show ever came to life...


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My favorite catchphrase is when they all stop and shout halibut cock in unison.