O&A Dioramas and have you stopped mentally aging?

I got excited about the diorama idea. A Baby Bird diorama popped in my head the second they said it.

Then Jimmy posed the question, "How old are we? It's all animations and art projects".

Making me realize at 28, I have the mentality of about a 17 year old high school boy. I believe I've been locked in the age for a long time. And if I would have been found out for being a childish fool, if it wasn't for the people on wackbag that are equally as childish.

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I fucking used to love dioramas
I will have to get construction paper glue glitter army men, and tell the lady at the store that it is for my child's school project
and I dont have kids


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I was thinking of Fedexing a CUP of DIRT.


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I'm totally going to be putting together a diorama. Or as my teacher once called it when we were doing dinosaur ones, a DINOrama!

I just turned 22. I'm still aging mentally as far as how I think about things in the world and whatnot, but my mentality as far as how I act with friends and whatnot is like a 13 year old. Chances are I'll never really be older than 21.

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construction paper.....check
pasta in fun shapes......check

here comes a nice diorama of Monster Rain!

I think some one should do a diorama of Hitler in his bunker for Anthony.
I'm 39 and I still love doing the things I did at 15. I'm not having children so I can continue doing them.


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Fairly simple..upside-down Spiderman...and Safe