O&A going to XRK?

O&A going to XRK? (krock)
mark and spaz coming back?
stern and O&A met last week?

Hopefully some of you have been checking out my sidebar link to The New York Radio Message Board. If not, then check out what Allen Sniffen (the Radio Dentist) has just posted:

Sniffen Wrong


Allen Sniffen Has deleted his original post and is now saying the rumor is false. So why did he post it in the first place? maybe his "source" was Drudge Jr?

Just goes to show you NOBODY knows what is going on. I'd say your best bet for news, when it is available is foundrymusic.com
Ah yeah and im gonna win 1,000,000,000 dollars!!! I will believe when i see it.
That guy is a dentist what does he know???
This Sniffen is a real dickhead, O&A, ron&fez, AND loveline are the best talk shows I have heard. Maybe he should go back to work putting in fillings. I think the cavity creeps invaded his brain.
hmmmm.. their playing old Spaz bits again.. they've been doing that alot lately. he might be back ya never know. It does make sense to have the original crew.
Allen needs to stick to filling cavities. His speculations and rumors are never within the same area code of the actual truth.


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I think he is just making the stuff up to get back at O&A's listeners when they bombed his site with stupid posts because he was making things up about O&A...
What a tool, look at his latest post...

I told you it was just a rumor..

I have it on VERY good authority it is false. That's all I can say for now...

Stay tuned.

..I told you this guy was full of shit. That was the fastest backtrack i've ever seen.


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Listen. Someone once said "Its just a message board" KROCK AND NEW are the same company, no???If KROCK wanted O n A they would just hire them or transfer them why would they have to talk with stern first??? He is just another DJ after all isnt he??? I think the newest rumor should be that O n A are being givin the run around by NEW and they have to wait to be heard again just like they said.
Originally posted by Ranma Saotome:
The original crew? Sucks to be Stinky.
I would like to hear spaz again... As long as he's Spaz not "Kevin"
They wont dump Stinky they have had Spaz and Stinky working together before. Yes Stinky was still an intern and Spaz was an employee by then but O&A are not gonna dump him.
Stop being assholes- there will be no more Spaz. and for that I'm glad.
Originally posted by broadwaychris:
Stop being assholes- there will be no more Spaz. and for that I'm glad.
Woah woah calm down there a second. Everyone is entitled to there opinions but i didnt see anyone here start with you. Fine you dont want to see Spaz again thats your opinion but just because others do want to see him again doesnt make them assholes.


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i think we're all just getting a little nervous for our boys O & A.I fuckin hate Spaz more than Julie Slater and she's a cunt.I think they will be on Q104 in the mornings. they hate wnew so why would they sign with them. K rock is the same as wnew so the're out too. wplj and z100 would never take them and i don't think they would go there anyway. Another possibilty is them going back to Boston and being syndicated to NY. Opie kept saying that no matter what happens they will still be "heard" in NY. he didn't actually say they would be broadcasting from NY. Plus their old boss was there just last week. Phsyco Mark will be back for sure. I just hate to have to change all my WOW stickers if they go on a different station. No matter what happens, when they finally get back on the air, all that Stern shit will come out. I feel sorry for Ron & Fez because the're on a sinking ship. I just hope that wnew doesn't put ron and fez on at the same time that O & A will be on.
WNEW wouldnt do that i think D&M have it in there contracts that should the O&A show leave WNEW they got the live afternoon slot.