O&A gonna be 20/20.

Ok the guys said 20/20 is gonna be in the studio tomorrow doing something for a piece in to be aired in July and will also be with Black Earl at Toyota Hackensack for a WOW sticker stop. Do you think 20/20 is gonna try and trash O&A?


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I would think they would use it as a way of saying: "Look where society has brought entertainment" or something to that effect. I hope they give them respect as entertainers. The truth is that's all it is. Well this will be the first time in my 21 years that I will be watching 20/20. SO they should be thankful for the rating they are going to get. ;)
Yup i agree Mav i dont trust them and think they will try and bash them. This is also be a first for me i never watched 20/20 before.


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i hope i don't miss the show when it air i would be pissed
Is it 20/20 for sure? I thought they said 20/20 downtown. maybe that's the same thing?
I guess we'll find out.


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ya there is 2 of them
1 on friday the other i think on a wed or thurs
That sucks how did that boring ass show ever get put on twice a week. See that fucking sucks network tv stations always do some fucking shit like that put on the most boring ass fucking retarded shows 8 times a week and never the shows anyone wants to see.
20/20 downtown is a summer replacement show.
It's on ABC Mon. at 8pm. [this week anyway].
I'm pretty sure they said that's where they said the camera crew was from. ;)


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they are going to be on toinght that what i heard on the radio
Greaseman, that piece on 20/20 should air sometime in July. I think its the 2nd week.


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Please keep me posted......... I have a tendency to drink alot and forget things.
No problem as soon as i found out the exact time that program is gonna air i will post it here. :)
VCR alert!
According to the Daily News today,the piece is going to run tonight at 10:00pm on ABC.
features Opie and Anthony in a report on how the new wave of radio hosts is again pushing the bondaries of the First Amendment.
Nice grammar Deek. ;)


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Thanks dude! i waS wondering why a 2 month old post was back up at the top.
Did anyone else find it interesting that the staff and reporters made it seem like the subject matter and material that O&A discuss and seem to represent was disgusting and wrong, but they were not above using it for their own ratings? If what O&A do is so wrong why would they give them the time and coverage? The fact is that O&A and talk radio are hot topics and very controversal. Like MAV said a month ago, I am sure many people tuned in tonight who would never watch that stuffy uptight show. The people from the FCC and Washington sounded so uptight I doubt they could squeeze a greased BB out their asses. Who else thought Mancow made an ass of himself. Saying that he had trouble sleeping at night? What the hell was that? Sounds like he was a fraid to take a stand and defend what he does. Lost a lot of credibility in my book and he didn't have much to begin with in the first place. And what was that shit about billboards? Like people will get more offended by a sign that says WOW as opposed to the billboards fo half naked people for the GAP and Calvin Klien. Come on get real. The only purpose of that show was to ride the wave and catch some ratting. Unfortunately, it brought the story to the front page (so to speak) and will give O&A the attention of these watchdog groups. They sold out the whole industry by explaining that the FCC doesn't monitor everything and relies on the public. Now all the stuck up prudes will be listening and taping, just trying to catch something they find offensive. The ironic thing is that I find that to be offensive myself. Who do I write to in regards to this? Keep up the good work O&A, you guys are doing nothing wrong. And to those who think they are, go fuck yourself!


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You could write to your congressman or senator so they could put you on a black list as an extremist. The whole segment was fuckin ridiculous. You've got one old worn out dueche bag that probably takes offense at the word "darn". About the FCC- ALL governmant agencies write their laws so they can be interpreted different ways. it depends on how you read it.it's so they can't get sued later on for infringing any one's rights or other laws that already exist. The problem is, there are so many laws, it's hard to keep track of them, and new ones contradict old ones. i've had dealings with federal agencies and it's just amazing how words can be manipulated into what "they" want them to mean at the time. I have one rule book that has about 2,000 pages of small print about shipping regulations that is impossible to understand. O & A are fucked now.Like you said- all these watchdogs groups are going to listen every day and find some thing offensive. They will have the FCC phone number on speed dial. Good luck to O&A.


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Motherfucker!!! I missed it. I forgot all about it. I read it in the Daily news and waited all day to get out of work to come home and watch it and it slipped my mind.

So I take it from your guys comments that they were not percieved as talented and original? Which to me is complete bullshit. I knew they would use this against them. Fuck it, the FCC has alot of power, but they do not control the American people. Although they try to. They cannot control the open minded people. The people who can take things for the entertainment value and not as a cold calculated act, intoxicating the minds of America's youth.

It is enertainment, the show is popular because it is fun. It may exploit certain things, but I look at it as opening up and not being such a tight-ass about certain things in society. For example: Racism, sexist acts, and exploitation of the female body or any body for that matter. What I take from the Opie and Anthony show is it is a fun way to let go and make fun of the disgusting PC world we live in. So if they are censored, the FFC or any government agency that strips us of that are just robbing us of our rights. We want therefore we deserve. If smiling and laughing about the serious matters in the world doesn't help people cope with it, what will? I assure you it isn't crying over it! That's my opinion and I for one think it should be a way of life.

I just went to Foundry music and there are great clips in the "Files" section, under most recent.


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did anyone get the quote when opie said " he get off by knowing that there are a lot of men listen to the show"
I've got it on tape, stuck on with XFL Gameday,and kinda crappy..but not bad.
E-mail if you want a copy.


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If anyone takes 20/20 for real they are F's They have a gut thats older then dirt who used to host concentrastion a freakin game show and a woman that uses the letter w for every other letter she says. F them F 20/20