O&A in Bruce Campbell's autobiography


...when McCainia runs wild on you!!!!
not sure if this has been brought up before as the book was originally released in like 2001, but the paperback version has an addendum about his tour to support the original printing of "if chins could kill". he describes in great detail his appearance on O&A (wnew) as well as witnessing a stripper shoot ice cubes out of her ass. there's a p-shop bumper sticker pic that reads "opie and andy" which we all know is a common flub.

i'm not a reader by any sense of the word when it comes to books, but i actually read it front to back. very good for a fan of his or anyone interested in the bowels of hollywood and trying to make it in the movie industry. it also helps that as i read it i heard bruce in my head like a book on tape. this was the most i've read without it being an assignment.

i recommend it, but if your not a reader or jew-cheap, check out the addendum section at a bookstore.

anyone have a link to that show by chance?