Heh heh anyone pick this up yet? I think this is gonna be the first time ever that i buy TIME Magazine.


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Do you have an appointment in a doctor's office soon? ;)
No actually i dont but i wanted to go to a doctors office just to visit the waiting room.
They are really tearing up the O&A Show in that article. That is misleading as ever and onesided. I hate when journalists do that. They should know that in there type of business every single word counts and could really have a huge impact on the perception that others will have on the subjects you are writing about.

This is just wrong we know what the O&A show is about and yes its funny we can joke around about the article but people who dont know what the show is or about will not even give it a chance.


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Just goes to show how you can trust the media for your information and what they write is slured. :mad: :eek:


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Ben Stein's revenge?

joel stein
When O&A hosted this jagoff, they were smoochin away and while it was happening, I knew that muthafucka was gonna do this. Thats Stern 101. The boyz better get with it with this shit. Did they think TIME was gonna paint a pretty picture? These little pinot grigiot(forgive the spelling) sipping snit bitches need to paint O&A as the assholes because it makes their little posistion in life a little better.I'll bet my balls, that bitch actually enjoys NPR for entertainment. He is paying back for the beatings the cool people threw him all his life.


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What did you expect from Time magazine? I am expecting the same from 20/20. I think Rolling Stone will do them some justice. I'll give the Time article one thing. It made for 3 hysterical hours of Anthony in the barrel radio. I am picking it up tomorrow by the way. At the dentist.
Nobody here or anywhere else reads this magazine. We will most likely read the O&A article in it this week but never pick it up again. Oh yeah and people who you think are reading that magazine in Doctors Offices are really just looking at the pictures cause there bored as hell waiting to be called in.