O, A, & J Listening Thread 6/4/13

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Getting an early start eh? Murnin
:D I still follow the 'within an hour of the show starting' rule.. although I'm not sure if the mods even care anymore. I think that was enforced way back then because everyone was in a competition to start listening threads. Now we're lucky if someone even remembers to start one.


Posts mostly from the shitter.
Collared greens are delicious.
Yes, a tear in your shit cutter takes forever to heal totally
Is he talking with his infuriating fat slob mush mouth?

His voice literally sounds lazy...
I used to like Roland, but his lack of self-control when it comes to food disgusts me. That, and I can't fucking stand foodies.


I wear my sunglasses at night...Anyone want fries?
who...? never mind.
I wonder if Opie ever remembers something without somebody saying something almost identical first.
btw, on the news last night and this am, Scorch in a cage doing paws for a cause.


uppity taxpayer
i guess im just out of the loop when it comes to caring about twitter.
and viral fucking videos.
we know the 'theme days' were a goof op. relax
Not open for further replies.