O&A Listening Thread - 08/03/2010 - Liddy Drinks His Own Pee Tuesday


Fucking your mother.
Stupid work is wrecking my bagging.


Guess who's back? Hoffman's back


How do I look, Denny?
Is Big John that guy that used to come on the show too with the MMA guy?
Big John? What the hell Big John was that because John McCarthy is very much still alive. Did Forrest just fuck with Patrice?


He's no good to me dead.
is there a video or something playing in the studio?
I can hear something in there.
500 get's you the golden emblem.

250 = fall

150 = red tiger

100 = blue tiger

50 = urban

25 = digital

15 = woodland

i wont get the gold because im not prestiging, or maybe i did get the emblem and didn't notice. I've got around 700 or 800 now


How do I look, Denny?
who's really buying "a survival guide to the apocalypse".....same people buying "how to survive the coming zombie attack"?

If Op was in he's say the book is "amazing"