O&A mad at dice?


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O&A mad at dice?

Dice was on WBAB this morning promoting his concert at the Beacon supposedly because he didn't think the guys had enough pullto sell out the show. If that's the case why doesn't Dice take a look at the ass whupin' George took last night.


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He just does not want to rely on O&A for his audience. He wants other people to come to his show. In doing so, I hope he turns them on to O&A.


I agree with son of spaz you have to remember to sell out the garden (not the olive garden) you need ALL the help you can get and dice is really not that funny anymore in his standup album In fack I heard face down ass up and its the same album put out by dice on the internet 2 years ago the name of the album was FILTH.

I think he should hire a writer he needs one bad