O&A& Norton Lines Of the day


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Shit they are all on a roll the fuckin lines are so damn funny I have been in tears since they started with lady di and Marion

Ok here are some lines
1.Ant saying to marion-balls stay away from you to

2.Norton saying to marion-how long did it take the blacksmith to nails those on your feet??

3.Norton-How about a saddle and a feed bag?

4.Ant Saying-Christina Agullera is anorexic dee sinder.

5.Norton-Do You eat cheese cake in your mouth while you are listening to disco?

6.Norton Callin those 2 Lady di and marion sea otters..

7.Norton- tellin Marion - how hard is it to walk in shoes with you being the only mammal with flippers?

8.Opie saying hey ladies can you duck down for a little while....Norton saying this to them they all think we brought our moms with us

9.Norton saying to marion-The carpet was white till she walked on it

10.Opie saying her Pad it looks like a pillow they give in airplanes

11.Opie sayin the mxi pad does not look like a blow up matress

12.Norton sayin it is sad all these hot chicks around us and we are lookin at te purse of the elephant man

13-Norton tellin marion how does it feel that you look like a komono dragon??

14,Ant Sayin about the retarted L&S
it's like a penguin looking at a hawk
One is soring and the other will never get off the floor

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yoyo fofo,
how 'bout when they said one of the retards had a lego ass!!!!!fofo,i just about friggin died when me and my girl heard,cause my fiance works with a chick with that same kinda ass,we even called it lego ass.aww man funny shit!!!!!


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man it looks like i missed a good one. I actually heard the first hour and some of those lines but what did they do. Were they live from the VMA??


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Yes they were live from VMA today. Great show. Norton had some great one liners. Lady Di and marion were just as premoted: Retarded

I can't wait to hear the edited version tomorrow. I can't believe Steve C wasn't there capturing some video. That's one thing that sucks about it. Overall it was a great show. The description alone made it entertaining. It would have been alittle better if Marion and Lady Di were not so scary, I would have ran from them too.

Line of the day: Marion calling Will Ferrel a Poloke. She is without a doubt retarded.