O&A question about todays show?

I was away from the radio for about an hour there just fucking around about Russell Crowe calling into the show right? And what was with that caller asking them if they where going to mornings and them not answering him? Did i miss something while i was gone?


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I missed that part too, about mornings, I thought the guy might have been way of on a comment and they were just fucking with him. I could be wrong. YEah the russel crowe thing was funny. HE came on the show today and wowwed the guys..(that old gag)..They are just fucking with some guy at wnew who does the newsletter for wnew. Ben lied to the guy, about upcoming guests on O & A. Saying they would have russell crowe and derek jeter. Something like that..I was laughing my balls off, with the russell crowe thing. I'll die laughing if one of those newspaper guys write something about o & a having russell crowe on the show. :D


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The guy they were talkin to who was on ron and fez the pyhscoex.com he was on tv on MSNBC me and my mom watched it...


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Haa Haa Nah I didnt tape it but I guess you can go on msnbc.com and see the show comes on at 7pm I have no clue of the name...But I didnt know it was going to be on until it was late so its cool
So today is the last show and then they go on vacation. Man i cant believe they cant go to Wrestlemania 17 i wouldnt care if i already had plans i would find away to go those lucky bastards.