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Mar 2, 2005

There are new developments in the case of a young woman found dead inside the luxury condo of a former Hard Rock hotel executive.

The case has generated nationwide publicity because of initial reports the Las Vegas Metro Police Department did not prepare a police report in connection with the death.

Metro told the Channel 8 I-Team late Wednesday that there is, in fact, a police report on this incident. But at this point it cannot be located.

The young woman's family has now found the cell phone she was using the night before her death. And the family says the text messages on the phone shows there may be more to the case.

911 dispatcher: "911 emergency."

Edward Scheetz: "Yeah, yeah. I just got home. My girlfriend, I think she is dead. She's like, I think she is dead."

On the line with emergency dispatchers is 42-year-old Edward Scheetz. Lying dead on the bed inside his condo at Turnberry Place is 23-year-old Michelle Hatchel.

Edward Scheetz: "Hello, hello. I just got home from work and my girlfriend's here but she's dead, laying in bed."

911 dispatcher: "How old is she?"

Edward Scheetz: "Uh, she's 24."

911 dispatcher: "Okay. And is she conscious and breathing right now?"

Edward Scheetz: "She's. I think, she's cold. She's cold, honey. I, you know."

911 dispatcher: "No breathing at all?"

Edward Scheetz: "Um, no. She won't breathe. She won't wake up. She's not breathing."

At the time of this call, Scheetz was the CEO of the Morgans Hotel Group, which purchased the Hard Rock hotel in February.

Hatchel was a former student at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. She had come to visit Scheetz for the weekend.

Carrie Barker, Michelle Hatchel's aunt, said, "It is absolutely shocking that this may tell the story of what happened to Michelle."

Carrie Barker holds the cell phone Hatchel was using the night before her death, apparently texting from inside Scheetz's condo.

"As a family, it is terrifying to know that somebody who went for a vacation and came home in a casket that these were her last hours," Hatchel's aunt continued.

Stored in the phone is a picture of Edward Scheetz. And then these text messages:

On Aug. 28th at 10:36 p.m., Hatchel writes: "things r really bad. Ed has been so mean 2 me."

And then, just a few minutes later at 10:50 p.m. she writes: "i am not having fun! i can't believe how much coke he does all the time all day long he keeps leaving me to talk to 2 talk 2 a girl he dated. this girl just told ed she loved him."

Carrie Barker, Michelle's aunt, said, "There's something here to be said. Michelle said something via this telephone to try to tell the story about what happened."

But the family says they are not getting any answers because after arriving on the scene, Metro investigators immediately determined there was no foul play and turned the case over the coroner. The coroner ruled Hatchel died of an overdose of oxycodone combined with cocaine.

Barker said, "In all of this grief this was an important and a necessary thing to find."

The I-Team does not know if Metro ever looked at the text messages on the cell phone because the department considers the case closed.

After first telling us there was no police report for this incident because the case was handed over to the coroner, Metro now says that information was incorrect.

A Metro spokesman says supervisors at the scene did prepare what is called a "short-form incident report." But again, at this point it cannot be located.

Metro also confirmed for the I-Team that evidence technicians did take 43 photos of the scene where Michelle Hatchel was found dead. Metro still has those photos, which could be used in the event this investigation is ever reopened.

As for Edward Scheetz, he resigned his job several weeks following this incident and has had no comment.
Carrie Barker was just on FoxNews, and the talking head (a female this time) played the 911 phone calland showed the text messages.. Then when it was done, the talking head introduced Carrie Barker. Barker proceeds to summarize why there should be some sort of investigation, and the talking head leads her through some simple questioning.

Carrie Barker then lets the talking head know that Las Vegas have left the family in the dark about any intention of looking into the guy. Carrie tells the talking head that Las Vegas told them to "mail a form and some money and we'll get back to you".

The talking head (in the SAME tone as every story she does) says "thank you, we'll be right back".

My Comment:
Why can't this dumb bitch show any sort of emotion at all? Sure, it could end up that this niece was just a slut cokehead and ODed, but NOBODY not on TV would react like that hearing that.

What the "F"?


Sep 15, 2004
To show emotion would cancel out their objectivity.


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Jan 29, 2006
To show emotion would cancel out their objectivity.
Objective doesn't mean emotionless. Without reflecting on the merits of the case one way or the other, you can still be a human being who is effected by death.


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Jul 3, 2006
At least we know Fox is fair and balanced. How do we know this, you ask? They told us so!


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Apr 15, 2006
To show emotion would cancel out their objectivity.
im going to go ahead and assume that this is a sarcastic post.

there hasnt been objectivity in newscasting in some time now. "News"casters and "reporters" report what they are TOLD to report on, from what angle they are told to report it from. there are VERY few journalists left that actually attempt to get to the truth of any story from the own perspective, and even fewer of them are actually newscasters on tv.

i consider 99.9% of them to be awful, fake emotion having, disgusting human beings. they can fake-laugh at some awful "feel good" story in the same breath that they report on the death of 12 soldiers in Iraq.

I would expect nothing less than this stupid cunt newscaster to not understand how to act like a real human and show some compassion.

there arent any walter cronkite's left in this world... more's the pity


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Mar 12, 2005
all 3 cable news networks are pretty far from middle of the road. msnbc has taken a hard left, and fox and cnn are what theyve always been