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now the would be the for a lot of money
i wonder w much is his wife got to take in the divoice
here is what is ione the daliy news today

Daily News Staff Writer

pie and Anthony are going national.

And they can talk about Howard Stern again.

The hot afternoon talk team on WNEW (102.7 FM) yesterday signed a new three-year deal that will put their show into nine of the country's top 10 radio markets and 22 of the top 50.

"We're very happy about it," said Anthony. "Or we wouldn't have signed."

They will still originate from WNEW, 3-7 p.m. daily. It is expected they will be picked up live in most other cities, but WNEW general manager Ken Stevens said some stations will take the show on delay or may use it in morning drive the next day.

Opie Hughes (l.) and Anthony Cumia have re-upped at WNEW for another three years.
Since WNEW switched from music to talk last year, Opie and Anthony have been its showcase, ranked first in the city among men 25 to 54. While the station ranks only about 20th overall, it is profitable and Stevens said yesterday this signing reinforces parent Infinity's commitment to the format.

Besides the syndication, all of which will be on Infinity-owned stations, Anthony said a critical part of the new deal "is that we are free now to talk about anything we want. We can say 'Howard Stern' on the radio again."

They have said on the air they were under a gag order not to talk about fellow Infinity employee Stern, with whom they had exchanged relatively mild fire. They said he was washed up, he said they were imitators.

They had also accused Infinity of showing them no respect. Asked if they will now take that back, Anthony laughed and said, "Never."

There is sometimes concern that shows can lose some of their edge if they go national, but Anthony said that won't happen. "We really don't depend on being local," he said. "If we're talking about something that happened in New York, we already try to make it interesting to everyone."

He and Opie say they plan to visit their other cities ("free vacation!") and that they are particularly looking forward to being on in Boston, where they were fired from WAAF in 1998 before they came to WNEW.

Terms of the deal were not announced, but its potential runs well into seven figures.

Original Publication Date: 6/6/01

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Yup....pretty sweet huh....and I saw this picture of Stern in the mornin paper....apparently he heards the news too (TWO?!?)



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I scooped that story yesterday morning on my site lol
I went to wnew and told them I was a reporter for the Jersey Editorial what ever that is I made a fake press pass and everything
but I scooped all the papers noone goes to my site what a shame lol later Media0331 keyword in google :D


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wow this is some great news
and guido good to see you are alive babes


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heah drity harry what you web site


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Finally!! Sydication, and it seems to me the boys might have finally struck it rich. I am just jappy that Wnew woke up and gave them what they deserved. I had a feeling it would be NEW, I just figured if they got a good enough deal, why take off? Why not just stay where you have been. I am also glad that they will be in afternoons for the next three years. As I have said in the past, fuck mornings.

Yup....pretty sweet huh....and I saw this picture of Stern in the mornin paper....apparently he heards the news too (TWO?!?)
Very funny. Hahaha, he looks like Imus..Haha. Guido comes back with a laugh. Good to have ya back. ;)
I was so excitied when i read that article this morning at work around 8:03am!!!