O&A Sound Clips, wavs,

I know SOS said he has tons of new O&A sound drops how can we get them.

Basically the new Foundry in my opinion sucks monkey ass. They never seem to update the site with the O&A sound clips played throughout the show like the old Foundry did.


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STINGRAY!!! i know you hate hearing some of those sound clips being played over and over but you have to put some of the new ones up on the site.


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I have to agree with How foundry is it does suck you have to search in the most annoying Way... and it is just Bullshit
Search theres nothing there thats worth even searching for. That fucking site sucks. All that is ever there is dumb ass pictures and other crap not like it used to be.


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I know what you mean I ment it as when you use to search it was much easier and now it ia a fucking hassel to look for shit
the sound clip section and picture pages on this site are not mine, they are links to Chewbaca's dememted opie and anthony page the reason you dont see the address change when you click on soundclips is because all the side bar links are brought up in my frameset same with wnew and stinky cam

chewbaca deserves a lot of credit fotr the time an content of his site. I have linked to his site by permission~
I Appreciate the support you guys show me, and I hope that I can always continue to bring much O & A to you guys...

IMOVERHERENOW, SOS, STINGRAY: You guys rock... Thanks a million...

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Yeah bro, Your site is awesome. It's not so often you can find an O&A fan who actually keeps up with his site. Great job. I love the updates. The sound clip section is the shit. Great job.

Also I guess I should say welcome to the board. :D


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Welcome Chew
your site is great
keep up the good work
Welcome Aboard Chewbaka great to have you here at the board. Keep up all the good work... :) :)