O&A wall of fame: Dice at MSG. [fainting]

I just looked through all the pics. Somebody shoot me now. Man, what's up with Dice?? Is he on a Haagen Dasz diet??? I thought Roger Ebert held the patent for that one... You can make three Dices from him these days. And he got this fat BEFORE he quit smoking (if he did at all; it's just a rumor I heard).

He needs like five months of boot camp to get in shape. Sort of like they did with the cast of The Matrix; they were on a strict regime of diet and exercise and by the end of the term everyone was in great shape.

I'm in shock... Somebody hurt me, wake me up and tell me it was a nightmare... :confused:


Is alive.
Wackbag Staff
He is fatter than before, but I think that he is coming back will be getting skinner also.