O&A Worst Of 7/12/10 Re-Kay!

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Yeah I don't care that they take vacation, just make it clear how long it is. No need to be vague and hide the fact that you'll be away for a week or whatever.


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The way the haters act in this thread it's like they aint got shit else to do but listen to opie and anthony talk for 4 hours. Jeez laweez.


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Vacation? I remember Opie saying they'd be back in a week the Wednesday before vacation. :[


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Can't complain, the worst of is great stuff and they rarely take vacations. Plus, they work to make us laugh when they aren't in the studio (twitter, youtube, etc).


im glad when they take vacation, lets me catch up on both shows (only 1 day behind now) and then i can listen to some music
Why there wasn't a show.

Opieradio said:
Because everyone is asking....We start up with live shows tomorrow. Anthony had a party on sunday and needed today off.