O&A WWF situation.

Ok i am sorry to say but O&A disappointed me this afternoon. I am a faithfull listener of the show and i hated hearing them bitch and moan that Vince McMahon was doing another show and not theres this week. Then they threw what seemed like an on-air tantrum canceling the appearences of WWF wrestlers coming on there show this week demanding that if Vince doesnt come on there show no one from the WWF will. O&A have said they where done with the WWF in the past for various reasons but have made up with them.
They said its time to take a stand. I agree they should take a stand and not let people walk over them but not the way they did it today on the show. Point blank it just made me sick listening to that today.
IOHN, you better be listening! Looks like things are gonna change for the better! :D :p
I never said i was gonna stop listening. I just got pissed cause they where bitching on the air and now people who dont like them will say they are crybabys and pussys.


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I agree they were a bit bitchy and what the fuck about mornings Geez that is fucking nuts
I dont see the big deal between mornings and afternoons. What is the big fucking deal if this guy has a guest on in the morning and they have the same guest on in the afternoon.
Who has who on first doesnt matter everyone is gonna ask the same friggin questions and put there own spin on it.


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all understood with tha but the fact that they said they would never go to mornings is what gets me.....why all of a sudden now mornings :confused: :confused: :confused:
Unless i was pissed at what i was hearing on the radio and heard it incorrectly but i think they want mornings cause they want to interview the guest first before anyone else and they said something about getting more respect from doing a morning show.

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