O and A Just Rock

I have to say that I am new to the Opie and Anthony show. We finnaly got them down here in Dallas! I have been listening pretty much since we started getting the broadcast. The only problem is we get it starting at 10 pm. So I can never call in and know what is being talked about. I wish it was live, but 4 or 5 hour delay is better than nothing.

O and A have to be the funniest radio show I have ever heard. I find myself having to stay up until atleast 2 am to listen to the entire show. But its well worth it. Anways, I look forward to more great O and A Bits and we need to get WOW going down here in Texas. I need to get on of them WOW stickers for my car. :eek:



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damn, it's a shame you guys get them at 10. Live they are much better. Anyways you can call in when they are live. I'm sure they would want to hear from you. Ohh and welcome to the site.