Oasis - "Whats The Story Morning Glory?"

i was going through my cd's yesterday looking for something and i ran across the oasis cd. I figured it's been so long and i disliked oasis cause i love the beatles and Liam's statements pissed me off.

But barring that i figured liam gallagher is just a bad ass motherfucker so i let it pass.

I must admit i trully appreciate Noel's writing skills and Liam's voice. The CD is trully a masterpiece. Champagne Supernova, Wonderwall and Don't look back in anger are trully amamzing songs. Yeah songs like Hey Now! are blatant beatles rip off's but hey if artists aren't influenced then are they truly artists? even the beatles were influenced by chuck berry and little richard and they were influenced by someone else and so the cycle goes....

anyway what was i saying? ohh yeah Viva Los Panatlones!!! give the songs another listen especially chamapgne supernova it kinds reminds me of a day in the life by the beatles not as spectacular or monuental but it still is a special song.
I got that cd too and it did remind of the beatles as well. Its a great CD though.

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