Officer beaten by possible gang members. Good Samaritan steps in to help.


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Good Samaritan defends cop in attack

[SIZE=-1]05:39 PM PDT on Saturday, June 23, 2007


TACOMA, Wash. - A Tacoma police officer was hospitalized Saturday after three men and one woman assaulted him during a routine vandalism call on the east side of Tacoma.
The attack happened at 52nd and Asotin, but was interrupted when a good Samaritan stepped in to help.
Around 6 a.m. Saturday, the Tacoma police officer was responding to reports of people spray painting graffiti on a neighborhood wall.
About a block away, he saw some young men with spray paint cans. The officer was in the process of arresting them when they attacked.
"They assaulted him. The first two were joined by others. One actually left and returned and they continued kicking and beating the officer until help arrived," said Mark Fulghum, of the Tacoma Police Department.
Help arrived first from Don Heinkle, who lives in the neighborhood. He was getting ready to walk his dog when he heard the commotion. He ran over from his house and jumped in to protect the officer.
"These four people - one was sitting on him and the others were hitting and kicking him," Heinkle said.
Heinkle - an ex-marine - says the four suspects did a lot of damage to the officer.
"I mean he had a welt on his head, on his chin," Heinkle said. "His nose was bleeding, his mouth was bleeding, then I realized this was not just kids -- they were trying to hurt him."
The four suspects -- a 19-year-old man, his 16-year-old brother, a 17-year-old cousin and a 21-year-old woman -- were all arrested.
The young men who were arrested live in the neighborhood.
Residents who live in the area say graffiti and signs of gang activity have been increasing over the past few years.
Heinkle knows he would help again no matter what the danger.
"You know to be honest with you, I didn't think about it," he said. "I just knew that he needed help."
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The only thing missing here is the video of the beatings these "non-whites" got at the station. Now that's retro.