OFFICIAL O&A Football Pick 'Em League - Sign up now! Win $4,000

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Hello Wackbag,

This year, O&A is teaming up with to bring you the OFFICIAL Opie & Anthony Pick 'Em League! This starts next week (Week 3) but we need you to sign up now so we're all ready to go in a week!

It's simple, takes only a few minutes to set up, and the winner takes home a cool $4,000 courtesy of

You will be playing against me, the reigning champion of the O&A Football Pool, and other O&A fans. There's only 500 spots in this league so sign up now!

Just go to and register your free account (this takes about 30 seconds to do).

Then go to "Game Types" and select "Pick 'EM" and scroll down to to the league "O and A". The password is "virus". Sign up for the league and you're in!

Each week, you simply pick who you think will win all the games. To make it easier to allow even the most casual fan to play, we ARE NOT using point spreads. Just pick the winners and you're set!

At the end of the season, whoever has the most correct picks takes home $4,000 and bragging rights.

If you have any questions, reply to this or email me at


***NOTE: Opie and Anthony are NOT in this league. It is you, me, and 498 other Opie & Anthony fans.***

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Nice, im in. This shall be a blast!


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im in, sounds like fun. i pick the providence canaries to overtake the dayton steamrollers in week 3.
11 teams named "O and A"? Creativity and originality has always been a strong point around here :)


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I'm in as Erock's Empty Mayo Jars.

But I'm a little disappointed that we aren't playing against the real champ, Opie.


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Michael Jackson?

I am in.
Erock's Empty Mayo Jars 0 0
MikeVick's Housecat 0 0
Pure Waves 0 0
O and A 0 0
Finger In Sam 0 0
O and A 0 0
Team Hu-Go 0 0
BikiniTini 0 0
Jimbo_NY75 0 0
Buttplugs 0 0
Lions 0 0
Monster Rain 0 0
Lee-Mels 0 0
Douche Bags 0 0
AvionicZ 0 0
Sandy Vag 0 0
O and A 0 0
dig88 0 0
asslickers 0 0
Mother Shucker 0 0
Heather Mills Left Leg 0 0
O and A 0 0
Dave B from Philly 0 0
half a cunt face 0 0
The Tampa Bay Stents 0 0
O and A 0 0
dhill 0 0
Southtown Stranglers 0 0
Ribs 0 0
Cupcakes 0 0
Lil glub glubs 0 0
Silver and Black 0 0
Winners 0 0
DXHeat 0 0
mine 0 0
O and A 0 0
WB batgoat 0 0
O and A 0 0
Bengals 0 0
Ayds 0 0
chewonmysac 0 0
The avengers 0 0
curtos 0 0
O&A Travis 0 0
iamjayh 0 0
o and a 0 0
O and A 0 0
O and A 0 0
Laxplaya42 0 0
New Hampshire 0 0
JordanSRT10 0 0
The Reservoir Dogs 0 0
Shadows 0 0
O and A 0 0
Virus Spreaders 0 0
The Ringydingys 0 0
O and A 0 0
The Winners 0 0
TitansFan 0 0
Vegas Shit dicks 0 0
The Dogs



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In...... I will make my picks after my G.A. meetings everyweek.


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"I am the Werewolf"

great name!


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How do we change our team name on the standings page? I am only on of about 10 "O and A"'s on the list.


ok terrific
How do we change our team name on the standings page? I am only on of about 10 "O and A"'s on the list.
I don't believe you can. I think a lot of people are O and A because when it asked for a team name and password they thought they had to type in the League they were joining along with its pass. It was actually asking what team name you wanted in the O and A league.

I almost made that mistake myself. still needs a little work I think. :p


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I is in :cdude: