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Apr 26, 2006

Ohio State linebacker recruit decommits


10:22 AM CDT, May 5, 2012

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Ohio State linebacker recruit decommits

Ohio State recruit Alex Anzalone decommitted to the school after a registered sex offender posted a photo of himself with the recruit on the internet.

Anzalone and several other Ohio State recruits were approached by Charles Waugh, 31, listed as a registered sex offender in Kentucky, after an April spring game and posed for a picture with them.

Anzalone is a star linebacker and one of ESPN.com's top 65 national recruits.

It was only after Waugh had posted the photos on several social media sites that Anzalone and the other players found out that Waugh was a registered sex offender.

Waugh pleaded guilty in 2008 to five counts of possessing material portraying sexual performances by minors, NBC Sports' College Football Talk reported.

Anzalone's father, Sal Anzalone, urged his son to decommit to Ohio State.

"You would think that these kinds of people would be kept at a distance away from recruits," Sal Anzalone said. "The fact that he got close to recruits was the issue. Keep people like this away from them. I can't be everywhere."

OSU compliance director Doug Archie sent an e-mail during the week to Ohio State student-athletes, according to the school's student newspaper, The Lantern, warning them about Waugh and being careful about selecting acquaintances and friends on social media sites.

The school also issued a statement on Friday.

"The issue surrounding the individual from Kentucky is being treated by the Department of Athletics as a student-athlete welfare issue," the statement said. "When the University became aware that this individual had been seen in pictures -- taken in public places -- with student-athletes, proactive precautions were taken and the Department of Athletics alerted more than 1,000 Ohio State student-athletes about this person," the statement said.

Sal Anzalone said he did not place any blame on the Buckeyes coaching staff.

"Alex was creeped out by (Waugh)," he said. "He thought something was wrong. Alex wasn't going to get hurt. Alex could knock him out. But the point is, this creep shouldn't be near recruits."

Anzalone is considering USC, Penn State, Notre Dame, Florida and Stanford, but has not completely closed the door on Ohio State, according to College Football Talk.


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WTF??? Is this a Big Ten thing, like not being able to count to twelve?

Konstantin K

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Aug 25, 2010
I have it on good authority that Charles Waugh frequently uses the alias 'Buck_Nut'.


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Feb 20, 2006
Or Screen_name.


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Apr 26, 2006

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Jan 23, 2006
Land of hicks and rubes.

WTF??? Is this a Big Ten thing, like not being able to count to twelve?
Hey!! Nebraska Football players are fully capable of counting to twelve. It's how many times they punch their girlfriends, or how many counts of battery on a police officer they can rack up in a year. Oh and it's the average number of children the average community college transfers from LA have. At least we don't have kid touchers.