Ohio Senate bill would ban landline telephones


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So Long Landline? Senate Bill Could Cut the Cord

CLEVELAND — Landline telephones could soon be a thing of the past in parts of Ohio if a senate bill passes.
“I would not like it too much. I think landlines are important and I have to make a lot of long distance calls,” said Jerry Viola.

Senate Bill 271 would allow telephone companies to get out of the landline business and focus on wireless technology.
“I used to have a landline as a kid, but right now I’m always on the go and paying for a home phone would just be pointless,” said Cheyenne Thomas, a cell phone user.
In a statement, the Ohio Telecom Association, which supports the bill, said in part, “Proponents say the change would free phone companies from outdated regulations that require access to basic phone service.”

That would allow phone companies to save money on the upkeep of landlines and put more money into wireless technology.
But groups opposed to the bill, such as the AARP, say it’s far too soon to get rid of landlines — cell coverage is still spotty in areas, and that could leave many people without reliable phone service.
911 operators cannot trace an exact address from a cell phone like they can a landline — which opponents to the bill say could lead to disaster if the victim who dialed is unable to speak.
Most Ohioans have a landline.
A federal study in 2011 shows only about one-fourth of Ohio homes have ditched their landline and opted for cell phones only.
If the bill passes, a large number of Ohio landlines will no doubt be disconnected.

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I don't have a cell. I've never sent a text. I'm either at home or work. Phone is at both. I need to be reached when I'm in transit? Or on the weekends when I'm out doing something?


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Senate Bill 271 would allow telephone companies to get out of the landline business and focus on wireless technology.
It's not going to "ban" land line telephones, it just would make it so these companies are no longer required by law to provide the service.


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The one place my cell phone reception sucks is at home.. go figure. I do hate paying through the nose for my stupid landline but I still need it.


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I went to all cell phones in the house about 10 years ago.

The only reason I have one now is it came with the Fios package
I got and it was cheaper to get the triple play with a phone than
just get the tv and internet package.

I never answer the home phone when it rings. Probably never will.
I considered similar options... problem is the occasional internet outage. Also my landline was the only thing that worked during that crazy northeast blackout.
I use the cell 95% of the time, the mother in law is pretty much the only one that calls it because she doesnt want us "getting brain cancer" when she calls.

Im not paying 40 bucks a month for her to call.


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This is a stupid bill that essentially neuters the PUC in dealing with service issues.

Your home phone sucks? Too bad. Ain't getting fixed. Keep complaining about the noise on the line? You get your account closed and told to go pound sand.

Till the give PUCs the ability to mandate cell phone quality of service, they shouldn't pass this bill.


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No way this happens. No elected official is going to do anything that would piss off the elderly voting block.