OJ to appear in Music Video

In the next video for rising HipHop star Ludacris he has a cameo from none other than 2 time murderer OJ Simpson. The Juice was at the set of Ludacrises video and he was asked by the rapper do you wanna be in the video? OJ replied Hell Yeah!!!


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Ludacris must be doing a remake of the popular raggae song "Murder she wrote". I would love to see OJ throwing on a pair of leather gloves jumping into a white bronco. It would be my favorite video. :D

IHON where did you hear or read this?


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that should be intersting
maybe the vid will have the renactment of the killing of his ex wife nicole..
with intersting rap music playing :D


is the song a remake of the police song "murder by numbers"?

murder by numbers 123
its as easy to do
as your abc's

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