Ok, did I walk in on something?


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So I called up my lawyer this morning, who's also a personal friend of mine, about a traffic ticket issue. Not a big deal. He told me to come by this afternoon, that his office (he works out of his home, an old farmhouse/mansion type of place) is closed today but he'd look it over for me.

He calls me up a little later to lock down exactly when I'd be going over. Seemed like there was a time window he wanted me to hit. Not a big deal, I went when it was convenient for him.

I got there a little late (rare for me), and my buddy is in a t-shirt and shorts, just working around the house kind of clothes. He and his wife are eating lunch: I don't see his wife but I hear them talking after I come in. About 5 minutes after I got there a very attractive young lady showed up dressed for a business meeting. My buddy introduces her to me as an intern for his office (I thought his office was closed today?) and gives her name as "Madison". Which is a normal name, sure, but there's also been a Madison at every strip club I've ever walked into.

While he's going over my info to take care of the ticket for me, I try to make a little small talk with her. Ask her what school she's going to. I figure she's in college, to be an intern at a law office, right? But she gives the name of the town we're in, where there's a college but the college is very much not named the same thing as the town. So she's a high school girl? She looks a bit older than that. But not by much.

He hands her his phone, telling me that he had some problems with transferring a bunch of stuff from his computer he didn't want on there, and asking her to delete some of it. She works on the phone, but it could be that there was a message he put on there for her, telling her to play along.

My buddy is around 60, his wife around 50. No kids.

Did I walk in on him calling an escort over or something?

Or am I just ridiculously suspicious?


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I get the feeling you should just mind your own business. If he wants to bang young pussy on the side let him.

You see that red? That red is there so you can spot the emphasis.


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They both were dressed, so IMO you didn't see shit.


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The guy is asking a serious question here.

From your story I am 100% convinced that your friend and his wife fucking the hot piece of ass that you saw. His wife eats her pussy like it is ice cream while your friend has his dick deep inside her asshole.

Not only that, you seemed to miss that they also keep 4 young boys locked in their basement as sex slaves.

The worst part though is that it is obvious from your tale that they have paid off all of the local police and even the FBI with a combination of money, drugs, and sexual favors.

You should immediatley get a gun and stop this travesty.


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office closed could just mean closed for business

ask Madison if any of her friends are also interns


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
i dont ask no questions, thats why people like me.


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Just ask yourself what Joe Paterno would've done in a situation like this and you can't go wrong.


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Thank you, guys. Can always depend on the 'bag.

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She's better than you, Smirkalicious.
i dont ask no questions, thats why people like me.
Wise words. The fuck do you care what they're doing when you're not around? Or who they're doing. Dood is doing you a favor from the sounds of it, and all you can do is obsess over what his cock smells like? Nice friend he has.


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Was her name Ashley Madison?
On the VERY slim chance that this dude is banging some 18-20 year old chick when he's in his 60's you should be OVERWHELMED with joy for him. I could only hope to be so lucky someday. Shit...I can't bang an 18-20 year old now and I'm only 29. If you do anything to fuck this up for him I'll be tempted to track you down and kick your ass and I don't even know the guy.

As an aside if you want to fuck her, just ask him if she's single and if he thinks she'd mind you asking her out.


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