Ok here it is a sexual question


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what things do you like to do when you bang someone??
May it be kinky,playful,sensual,spanking,or just plain fucking all the way...

do share this and I will also share mine when someone answers to this post ;) :D


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it all depends on who you are banging
:D :D

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Two responses already, well actually this will make three. Ok FoFo you can answer the question now. You did say you would answer after someone answers to this post! LOL


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Ok you got it
1.I do like to be spaked on my ass
2.I love it when a guy talks dirty to me
3.I tend to fuck with the guy and masterbate infront of him just to see what would happen.
4.I can do oral for hours on end cause I get off on it.
5.after I am done doin it I tend to give a guy a total body rub down

Fofo, you lil freak! :D Why you gotta be tellin everyone about our sex life! :D

But seriously, that sounds like stuff I'd prolly do to some hot chick...


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Lol IOHN :)

Ya I do like to have fun when doin sex
the best bet is that it is everything at one time..sensual.Kinky,Wild,and Soft all that 1 time when doin it..Nothing like it..
Also it is alot of fun...

and that post that you wanted to know IOHN about what is the weirdest thing anyone has masterbated with well.

I do this thing that I saw in a porno a long time ago..I go in the bathtub lay down flat on my back and let the water hit me down there (hint hint)the little man on the boat if you know what I am saying gets hit by the water...I love doin that and it is pretty cool...

See I told ya I would share sooner or later as soon as I am feeling pretty comfortable..


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Oh Yeahhhhh....... I like to %%$#@ and &^%$##@#$# and most of all when the whiped cream comes out she will get the $%#^&%$ of her life. :D
Holy S FoFo, I was only teasing you and didn't expect you to answer. Wait a second, (scatching head) who are you and what did you do with the real FoFo? LOL Nice to see you coming out of your shell. Yes you did answer the question for me hun, but I already knew the answer. (wink) (wink) Just teasing you babe!

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I have always been a perve I just didnt say anything..since I feel comfy now its cool to talk about it


holy s fofo,i just found this message board last night and i think i love ya!!!LOL!!!hold on a sec i gotta calm myself down here!
wheww holy s


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Lol Hey wack thanx for joining wackbag its all good...
These Guys are just happy that I finally am very open with my sexuality
:) ;) ;) ;)


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Its cool It took me a long ass while to be open about it trust me..
they all can tell you that. :)


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Very funny IOHN
wackadoo is cool he is a New O&A fan that like the fact chicks are open with their sexuality...so its all good


oh fofo,i'm not just a new fan, i'm your dream. you know you want me!lol