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What a MOD you are. Can someone tell was RAW on Sunday this week or was Monday considered the weekend again? I will post an update later today when I wake up.
Ok Mav, Well HHH and Rikishi have formed a alliance together for Sunday's 6 Man hell in a cell match. Vince came back and started talking all 6 men who will be in the hell in the cell match trying to convince them not to go threw with it. The Dudleys joined RTC hope its just a scam. Jericho almost beat Angle for the WWF title but Kane interferred again. Vince comes out in the end to do a state of the wwf address and rips apart Mick Foley saying how he doesnt feel he is the right man for the comish job foley comes out and tells vince off vince calls Austin a SOB Austin comes out stuns vince right away grabs a beer and leaves then Rock comes out rock bottoms vince and the the taker comes down and gives vince the last ride and then foley teased everyone with mr socko. Oh yeah Rock did a promo during raw wear he made fun of all 5 guys involved in sundays ppv it was pretty funny

Running Fn drunk down the streets of NYC!!!
Good recap IMOVEHERENOW, but you forgot the best part. William Regal won back the European title from the pest Crash and his scrubber cousin Molly (who just happens to be one hot piece of ass). The only problem was Regal wouldn't release Crash from the submisson hold and then went after Molly. This brought Hardcore "Bob Sparky Plug" Holly. Look for a good fued between these two. Whoever wins this one might be in for a push. Hardcore is being mentioned with Angle due to Angle breaking his arm and the WWF has been high on Regal (thanks to HHH) and would like to push him too. Should be a great fued.

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