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Before you get your hemroids in an uproar it isnt what you think.My pic is on my wifes webpage at http://www.geocities.com/jrsygrl41
I am 45 years old Have three kids one os 23 another is 20 and another is 7 lol
well my 20 year old informs me that I am going to become a grandfather.....................Holy S
OK GANG this is what I need from you Im ova You can get me the blue dye for my hair
and FoFo you can get me pants that come up to my waist
Stingray you can get me a Rascal lol and the rest of you guys get me in the coffin Im done


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Congratulations Sir. Haha. I beg you, please don't start doing ad's for the little rascal. Good luck Old man. :D
My God, DH! Your youngest kid, looks a bit like me when I was seven! Uh, did I mention that my name is Adam too? Small world... Rock on man! :cool:
Dirty Harry,
I feel your pain. I'm 48, with 2 kids 27 and 22. Been married to the same wonderful lady for 25 (oops) years.
My older daughter just gave birth to our first grandson on June 13th. I felt really old at first, like you did. But as soon as I saw that little boy, everything changed. He's the focus of my life now, who cares if my pants are a little high.
You're in for the time of your life.
;) SCB


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a huge congrats to the both of you
DH and Spot Check
that is some wonderful news for ya both of you.....Spot My mom and dad felt tha same way also and now my son is there little life they are the coolest Grandparents
Its great I am happy for the both of you


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Thanks everyone although I didnt quite get that. what, I cant hear ya and my eyes are failing me now and I almost broke my hip the other day and I find myself lookin at 80 year old woman in a different light lololol Thanks peoples