Ok: Picture from Adult Expo in Vegas. Can you name these pr0n chicks?


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I don't know for sure that they're pr0n chicks. They might just be models at the Adult Expo in Vegas. But I'll admit it: I'd love to see any of these chicks getting a deep dicking. Hawt. And a SFW pic.



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the best place to go for pornstar IDs is the forums at adultdvdtalk.com...a lot of stars post there all of the time.
In order from our left to right.


Born and raised on the North Shore of Chicago, Mandy is an only child who was raised by her mother. Mandy's strength, confidence, and drive came from her mom's hard work, love, and determination as a parent. Mandy says if it wasn't for her mother's love and strength, she would never have the ambition to do what she is doing today.

Ever since Mandy was a young girl, she dreamed of becoming an actress in Hollywood. After years of balancing high school and modeling in Chicago, she entered a Liberal Arts College in Wisconsin with a track scholarship. Mandy finished college with a Business and Marketing Degree while working as a model part-time.

Mandy has always been very independent and driven to accomplish her goals and dreams in life.

The summer of 2004, after graduation, Mandy took a real estate position in Chicago. In the interim, she enrolled in acting classes and worked on a few movie sets while going to auditions. This was a very busy and enlightening time as she juggled all these endeavors as her knowledge for the film industry grew exponentially.

One of Mandy's many accomplishments was gathering ten humane societies and organizing a fundraiser, by herself, which raised a huge amount of money to help support animal rescue and abuse centers. Mandy's passion has always been to help rescue animals that have been abused or unwanted and she often visits sanctuaries and volunteer's her services. Her goal is to one-day start her own rescue center and sanctuary for unwanted and abused exotic and domestic animals.

You may recognize Mandy from the hit TV show "America's Next Top Model" Season #1. Recently, she worked on such movies as "The Break Up" and the "Lake House", which were filmed in Chicago. Mandy has also hosted such shows on The TV Guide Channel,"Ripe Live", and co-hosted the show "Get Out" appearing on HDTV. Be on the lookout for Mandy in her national commercial for Chandon Champagne coming out in September ‘07.

"God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way"

"Life is about finding your passion and purpose in the world to make a difference."


Kellie grew up in Santa Clarita, California and lived there for 18 years. She has an older brother who recently returned from Iraq. She also has two sisters who she is very close with. Family is very important to her, and there's nothing more enjoyable for Kellie than a family BBQ.

As a child, Kellie enjoyed swimming and gymnastics. In high school she was on the track and field team where she competed in the 400 and the 4x4 relay. She also competed in international modeling competitions.

Upon graduating high school, she decided to pursue her modeling career with Otto Models and has done whatever it takes to be the best model she can be.

In her free time she enjoys going to the beach, lying by the pool, playing football, or just relaxing with her fireman boyfriend. She is also a big animal lover and looks forward to rescuing and adopting animals. And oh yes, Kellie can burp her ABCs.


Before Lauren was a professional model, actress, host, and cheerleader who cheered for the San Diego Chargers, the L.A. Avengers, the L.A. Lakers, and the Miami Heat, she was an adventurous Southern California girl growing up in Chino Hills.

Lauren is a born performer who has many talents and rather dangerous interests, ranging from sword fighting, bungee jumping, rock climbing, and doing aerial work. This year she has added skydiving.

When not doing any of these ho-hum activities, she loves to model, act, host, dance, and sing.

She is the Host for HD Networks "Smashbrain TV" and Co-Host for "Get Out" and appeared on a variety of television shows including "The Jamie Kennedy Experiment," "Entourage," "Bound for Glory," "Showtime Dreams," "Nikki," "The Greg Behrendt Show," and "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

You can catch Lauren in the upcoming film, "The Comebacks" where she plays Matthew Lawrence's fantasy girl. She has also been in "Orange County," "Good Advice," "Tom Cats," "Gigli," and "Little Nikki."

Besides acting, she has graced the pages of magazines like Maxim, FHM, Muscle and Fitness, Teen, YM, M Magazine, ESPN, and Vegas Magazine.



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oh and 2-3-1
in that order


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But do they do pr0n????

Those little biographies tell us nothing.

Oh and 3, 2, 1


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so whats the deal do these chicks fuck on film or what?
Unfortunately, these chicks seem to have found "legit" work. FUCK! Or rather, NO FUCKING ON FILM!!!
The third one is the only one I'd even call cute.

Nice bodies on all three but the first two look a bit beat. Then again porn chicks never were my thing.

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holy fuck that girl in the middle has good legs.


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but how in hell do you Putt in those shoes, And what type of putter are they using. And by the looks of it they made a crappy putting green...