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Jan 26, 2006
Read this story and got a chuckle. Wonder if this happens at Marge's place?

Discriminating Against Dogs: 'Black Dog Syndrome'

Shelters Nationwide Overcrowded With Black Dogs

(CBS) NEW YORK Many loving pooches in need of good homes nationwide are being overlooked and underadopted at area shelters, and they all share one thing in common: the color of their fur.

It's a phenomenon called "black dog syndrome" and it has pet advocates worried.

David Cuccia, a local artist, is a softie when it comes to dogs. They hang around his art studio and are commonly featured in his artwork. His best friend, Jasmine, is lucky to be alive. When he went looking for a dog at the pound, he was told that because so many people are afraid of large, black dogs, those dogs are more likely to be left in shelters than other animals.

"She said the black dogs have a real stigma," Cuccia said.

He felt differently however, and quickly chose to adopt his new pal Jasmine. "People can't help but laugh at her. And the eyes pull you in every time," he said.

The stigma he was told about, however, is caused by their size and their dark hair which makes it hard to read their facial expressions, leading people to believe they've got a menacing look. Though the National Humane Society rejects the term "black dog syndrome," they are very aware of the problem.

"Big black dogs can pose an adoption challenge to animal shelters. It's pretty common to have several black dogs in the shelter at any one given time," said Kim Intino, Director of Animal Sheltering Issues for the National Humane Society.

There are no hard numbers, but shelters are ptuting out the plea when it comes to black dogs. The Humane Society encourages shelters to be innovative about how they "market" the dogs.

"There are certain things that you have to do to adopt black dogs out. You've got to take photographs with a different background, make them pop, give them some zeal because they just don't stand out," said J.C. Crist, CEO of a local shelter. "They don't have any distinguishing features other than their personality."

Still, black dogs aren't the only ones languishing in shelters.

"In general, we see about 6 to 8 million animals enter shelters each year, that's both dogs and cats. And we say a little over half that number are euthanized each year," Intino said.

Intino added that it's important to remember that black dogs aren't only animals that get stygmatized. Black cats are considered unlucky and she says shelters are filled with many of those fun-loving pets too.
This is ridiculous!

For the record, I had a black German Shepard mix for 17 years and he was the coolest dog I ever had.
So still miss him!:icon_cry:


Jul 25, 2005
So people don't want to adopt ****** dogs either?


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Apr 22, 2002
Miss my black lab. :(


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May 28, 2004
Miss my black lab. :(
I love my black lab. They are the best dogs.

I can feel your pain. I can't imagine how much I will miss her when she is gone.


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Dec 1, 2006
Is a chocolate lab a mix of some sort? It came out of nowhere and is now really popular. Or is it some race traitor golden retriever messing with a black lab?