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Oklahoma man 'killed over Facebook comment' about another man's swimsuit-clad girlfriend
  • Police say Antwion Martin shot Edmond Tyree dead for commenting on a picture of his girlfriend
  • Tyree wrote 'damm' [sic] on a photo of Sharda Perkins on July 12
  • Five days later, Tyree was shot dead in his apartment and his friend Michael Joe Hale was injured
  • Hale was able to identify Martin through images he saw on Facebook

PUBLISHED: 17:41 EST, 16 September 2013 | UPDATED: 17:41 EST, 16 September 2013



An Oklahoma man has been charged with first-degree murder after allegedly killing a man who commented on a picture his girlfriend posted of herself on Facebook.

Police say Antwion Courtez Martin, 20, went to the apartment of Edmond James Tyree, 48, on July 17 and shot him dead. He also allegedly shot and wounded Tyree's visiting friend Michael Joe Hale.

Five days before his death, Tyree had written 'damm' [sic] on a picture Sharda Perkins, 21, had posted of herself clad in a skimpy swimsuit on her Facebook page, presumably intended as a compliment.

Locked up: Antwion Courtez Martin has been charged in the shooting death of Edmond James Tyree

Below Tyree's comment, Martin, whose Facebook moniker is 'Twon Goinsteady Martin' questioned Tyree on the compliment, using an obscenity.


On July 17, Tyree was shot dead in his apartment by a gunman and Hale, a disabled Iraq war veteran, was shot and injured.

According to NewsOK, Hale said the shooter was accompanied by one or two accomplices, one of whom urged him on, saying, 'What's taking so long? Hurry up and pop a cap in his ass.'

Killer body: The photograph Sharda Perkins posted of herself under which Edmond James Tyree wrote the four letters that led to his death

War of words: Unbelievably, police say Tyree's misspelled 'Damn' on Perkins' picture so enraged Martin that he shot him dead five days after the comment was made

Police say Hale was able to positively identify Martin through Facebook while he lay injured in hospital.

According to NewsOK, Tyree had shown Hale a picture of Perkins on Facebook and told him that they had 'been together' once but had both agreed it was a mistake.

'He had mentioned to me a couple of weeks prior that they had been together. They both agreed it was a mistake... but everything's cool. They were still friends and left it at that. That's what he told me,' Hale said.

Shot at home: Police say Edmond Tyree was shot dead for writing a complimentary Facebook comment about another man's girlfriend

Social network: Police were led to Martin through Tyree's Facebook account - the same way Martin became aware of Tyree

When he looked at Tyree's Facebook page, he noticed that Perkins was one of only a few friends Tyree had on Facebook. When he clicked on Perkins' profile, he saw pictures of her with Martin and recognized him as the shooter.

'It was pure dumb luck that he had his picture on her Facebook page,' Hale told NewOK.

Police are still looking for the accomplices in the July 17 shooting.

Young couple: Martin will be separated from his girlfriend Perkins for some time if he is convicted of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Edmond James Tyree

According to Perkins' Facebook page, she has been dating Martin since April this year.

In a July 25 posting, somewhat ironically above a link about the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case entitled, 'Do I even have to explain how messed up this is?', she appears to deny her boyfriend's involvement in the crime.

'Ur face n some serious a** charges for some s**t you didn't even do,' she wrote, adding that she believes Martin will be exonerated and that the couple will be back together soon.

Martin is charged with first-degree murder and shooting with intent to kill. He remains in Oklahoma County jail.

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May 30, 2013
What would this woman ever need a swimsuit for? Waste of money if you ask me.


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I think the "damn" comment was in response to "How did the zookeepers manage to stuff that chimpanzee into human swimwear"?


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1. That bitch needs to clean house. It's a fucking dump.
2. Can someone translate that face book conversation for me?
3. I gotta say I love the new racist Mayr bravo sir.

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War of words: Unbelievably, police say Tyree's misspelled 'Damn' on Perkins' picture so enraged Martin that he shot him dead five days after the comment was made
Fucking grammar Nazis.

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One monkey in jail, one dead monkey lover, and a funny picture of a monkey in a swimsuit. I love Chino's feel-good stories.
Dec 12, 2007
I always heard black people got ready to swim like this.