Old School WPIX

Tonight i saw something on CH 11 that reminded me of the old WPIX CH 11, they played a movie at 8pm on a weeknight. Remember back in the day when they played movies at 8pm almost every night of the week.


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Oh my god ya i remember wow that is a memory
I do remember that... "WPIX: New York's #1 Movie Station". They're only doin it cuz UPN stole Buffy away from them. :D


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And they stole Sabrina: The Teenage Witch from ABC. ;)


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Yes. I am so happy the Honeymooners are back on at 12AM, because Fawx stole Seinfeld. Although I am a mets fan, I am sure WPIX is missing all the revenue the Yankees would be giving them right now. Fawx stole that one too.


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I think everyone steals from each other thats just how it is.
::Howie::: Like Opie and Anthony stole from me. hooohooo :::Howie:::. That old gag.