Olsen Song of the day....

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ants in my pants and it's bigger than a elephant
Ahh it is funny even though they are doin this sick shit....
Those damn f-ing olsen twins
:p :) :D ;)
That reminds me... Right downstairs in the lobby, there is a paper wiht a Sex Offender's name on it... I think it says Anthony Cumia on it...
I heard that when Anthony Cumia moved to his new neighborhood he had to go door to door to tell all the people he was a kid toucher.
Oh i thought that was a USA law. Whats the difference he likes puffy vag.
Why couldnt they have a crush on Candence Cameron or even DJ the other sister from Full House she has to be older.
She did that show with Tony Danza, "Hudson Street", but I didn'tthink she was that hot. But, the middle sister Stephanie... She's hot... Ripe for the picking! :D
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