OMFG...The "N" word

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Fuck DHL Express....German faggots!!
Sounds like the ni**er is fishing for a lawsuit.


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Sounds like the ni**er is fishing for a lawsuit.
Saves the bitch ever having to work for a living.

Enough with the fake indignation you fine 'people of color', this 'n' word shit is really getting on my nerves. I'm guessing soon enough whitey's gonna say fuck this because you fucking badgered us to the point where we couldn't take it any more. You have NAS or NOS, or whatever the fuck his name is wandering around the grammy's wearing a shirt with 'ni**er' on it and you turn a blind eye because it's 'artistic expression' , but you get the word pop up from what appears to be an old text in a typing exam and all of a sudden it's a chance to make a ton of money and once again shame the white guy.. well FUCK YOU... I'm done listening to your fucking whining.


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People are so fucking stupid.
I know why the N word is censored here, but why isn't Breitbart?

Those are the fucks that got O&A suspended, remember? Fuck them in their fuckholes.

Do a google search and find another source for the story and I'll read it. I'm not giving that faggot hits to raise his ad revenue.