Once Upon a Time In America just got Longer.


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A film near 4 hrs. just got longer. A new cut has been produced that's closer to Sergio Leone's vision. He did intend for 6 hrs and 2 films but this is now the most complete cut to date.


ROME -- The Cannes Film Festival will screen the redux cut of Sergio Leone's New York gangster epic "Once Upon a Time in America," restored by Italy's Bologna Cinematheque in collaboration with Martin Scorsese's The Film Foundation and Gucci.

The 1984 classic starring Robert De Niro and James Woods has been fully restored by Italy's Bologna Cinemetheque L'Immagine Ritrovata lab, with the supervision of the pic's original sound editor, Fausto Ancillai, using digital techniques.

"Once Upon a Time in America" redux will unspool on the Croisette in a gala event on May 18.

Redux cut adds 40 minutes of original footage to the 229-minute running time of the "Once Upon a Time in America" version which world premiered in Cannes in 1984. Pic was subsequently cut to 139 minutes, excluding several flash-back sequences, for its U.S. release, which angered many critics at the time.

Warner Bros. recently rereleased the 229-minute cut, re-remastered on Blu-ray.

Long-gestating restoration project was shepherded by Leone's children, Andrea and Raffaella Leone, who acquired Italian rights to "Once Upon a Time in America," from Arnon Milchan's New Regency.


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Great movie, but it was already long enough.


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One thing that always bugged me about that movie was how much child Star Jennifer Connelly didn't look anything like Elizabeth Mcgovern, them being older and younger versions of the same character.