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I think this show just premiered last week and new episode is tomorrow. Kind of cheesy, but it's like Fear Factor if Fear Factor only had real men as their contestants. I enjoyed the first episode well enough.
What's it about?

I clicked on the thread thinking you were talking about the show Special Ops Mission.

Will Willis is a bad fucker.

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The host is a douche and a coward. Whomever picked him to host it was a fucking retard.

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Last night... classic.

Yes, the show is hokey and dumb, but I'm a dunce so it amuses me like a waterhead at the zoo.

So last night they had the biggest, douchiest tool on planet Earth Vs. an ex-Navy SEAL(Team 5).

The SEAL- black guy, 44-years-old but in amazing shape... compact and wiry... like a perfect P90X body. Nice guy... well-spoken, obviously intelligent, friendly.

Le Douche- French Canadian... so right off the bat his Celine Dion accent is enraging. He's some kind of narc cop... of course... to dispel any doubt that he's a complete asshole. His name is like Serge, or some gay shit like that. He's a big mook with gigantic roid head arms... total LA Fitness vanity muscles. He's got the hacky barbed wire tats on his arms OF COURSE HE DOES. His eyebrows are shaped and plucked, and at one point in the show he comes walking out wearing the gayest looking tank top in the history of faggotry. The one dude even busted his balls about it... "Did you borrow that shirt from your sister?" Serge was a conceited, obnoxious dick face, "Dah rest doze guys don't stand a chance, because I pumped and buff and mean and tings like dis." Ugh... it was nauseating.

At one point, Serge says about the SEAL guy, in his faggoty French accent,"He's maybe a SEAL, but zis dos not mattah. It's takes more den dis to impress me." Really, faggot Frenchy? It takes more than a Navy SEAL to impress you? Like what? Like a muscular, spandex-clad, sweaty man buttocks down at the LA Fitness? Is that what it takes to impress you? Not impressed by a Navy SEAL... ugh... fuck your stupid tanning bed face, douchpile. Fall down in your usual dick smoking position on your knees and pay homage at that SEALs feet, bitch.

Of course the SEAL kicked his ass... in every single exercise... strength, agility, intelligence. The SEAL went through that shit like a ninja, while Serge was a lumbering ox and his bloated arms and shoulders were an absolute liability.

It was a hoot.

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I just remembered the most douche-squirming part of last night's episode...

Serge LeDouche provided a picture to prove his badassedness... it showed him dressed in his douchey narcocop uniform, and he's holding a big brick of confiscated pot... big load gobbling grin on his salon-tanned and waxed eyebrows face.

Good job, supercop. You snatched some harmless stoner's weed and tossed him in jail. The streets are safe once again, and the world is a better place.