One Night at McCool's


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Just watched it on Pay Per View. Just goes to show you that film critics won't know a good movie if it bit them in the ass... Hey, Roger, get your big fat head out of that Haagen Dasz container right now! :eek:

Er... sorry, I got distracted. Anyways. Liv Tyler is one hot babe and her acting in this movie is superb. She plays Jewel who dreams of a perfect house with a big screen TV and a DVD player. She jiggles several guys, calls all the shots and pulls the strings at her own amusement. Reeba McEntire plays a shrink all three guys visit; each has their version of the story. The only thing their stories have in common is that they all start with "It all started one night at McCool's..." I laughed all the way through and there's this one scene that had me ROTFLMAO.

This one character dressed as Michael Douglas in Falling Down walks in; you know, white shirt, tie, glasses, duffel bag and a shotgun. And the real Michael Douglas is looking in through the window! :D There are three guys in the room; a half-naked lawyer in chains and bondage and leather crotchless pants (he was waiting for Jewel-dominatrix), a fat cop in uniform and helmet played by John Goodman (who brought flowers to Jewel-innocent victim), and another sweaty dude in jeans (who hired Michael Douglas to kill Jewel-maneater). The Falling Down character takes in the scene and goes, "Damn village people." :D :p

Great movie, four stars out of five. Definitely see it if haven't already.

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This movie is like a vaccuum cleaner,it sucks, blows, and gets laid in the closet.