One thing I miss from the old school arcade style games


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is the awnings they had so you could still play games in the daytime and be able to see the screen. Whenever I try to play my PS3 or Gameboy outside during the daytime, I can barely see anything except the glare of the sun or my own stupid fucking reflection.


Humor is reason gone mad
Ha ha, jeez alright I made a simple typo! :rolleyes:


Humor is reason gone mad
You have a Gameboy? What are you, 12? :action-sm
I have a game boy advance that I occasionally bring with me and I'm not really as concerned if it gets scratched or a little dented as if I had my PSP. Plus it takes up a lot less space to just slip into my pocket.

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I drag my consoles onto my balcony at night on occasion. 12 stories up makes for a nice view. Toss in a big screen with some random game going? Even better view.

Miss Arcades in general. Go ditch $20 in quarters playing games from the 80's/90's? Nothing but fun.

On a side note, the PSP Vita is backwards compatible. Delicious as I shelled out for 4 RPG's I'd been hunting down for while.
One thing I miss from the old school arcade style games

Holy shit I want my money back from all the times I went to the change machine to play those fucking games,

it was a casino for kids but they could never ever win and all the adults could cleanup
So kloraferm is this outdoor/waterproof/solar powered PS3 a prototype or something? How can I get one?

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I just unearthed my old Gameboy from the 80's and gave it to my 7 year old. He thinks its the best thing ever. Ya know what? His buddies crowd around that 3 inch screen and beg for a turn.


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You have a Gameboy? What are you, 12? :action-sm

I have a GameBoy Advance SP as well as a Super GameBoy for the Super Nintendo and a GameBoy Player for the GameCube.

My favorite handheld is still the Atari Lynx model 2

What I really want to get is one of those multi game arcade cabinets and one of the cocktail tables (Anthony has one) they are just a little pricer than I would like and any licensed ones don't come with the Nintendo & Namco games - they each sell one for way to much money. The Nintendo has Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong jr, & Mario Bros - wish it had Donkey Kong 3 on it, and the Namco one has Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man, Galaga, Galaxian, and the fast version of Ms. Pac-Man & rapid fire Galaga.

I've heard Tempest (my favorite arcade game) is pretty good with a track ball



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I soooo badly want either a MAME cocktail table or even just a Ms. Pac Man cocktail table.