Only in Quebec - invisible snow PART 1


Go back to your shanties.
May 25, 2005
Second video stinks. "There was a reason for this," and then they jump to some frogs speaking frogspeak. Why were they out there?


Who is John Galt?
Aug 25, 2005
they were out there to get there overtime pay. these guys get just above 14 an hour when they work their 40 hours and double time anything over. so the winter is a huge amount of their pay. when you have a small amount of precipitation like we've had this year, the guys need to pay off their credit cards they charged up over xmas. we have the same assholes plowing a dusting of snow all night long to get their hours here in wisconsin also. they know what they usually get each year in overtime and they are all low. so they are making it up the only way they know how.