open casting for haunted attraction


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Just putting this out there for anyone local that maybe interested :

2011 Open Casting Call for the Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares
When: Sunday, July 10th, 2011
Times: 1-4 PM
Where: Lake House Hotel; porch side entrance door.
Production Parts Needed to be Cast:
Hotel of Horror: presenting the Burial Below. An exploration of death, dying, and the after life. A very dark and decaying version of our haunted house.

Altered Nightmares: enter The Doll House. A twisted and horrific fun house approach to classic child hood nightmares. A colorful, imaginative, and provocative journey through the child's fear filled mind in all of us.

Characters are sought for roles of theatrical and physical nature, as well as startle and scare actors. Some roles require coordinated skits with other actors. Creativity is encouraged and applauded, occasional guidelines to be met. No professional acting skills required for many roles, only the ability to stomach things that are morbid, ugly, frightening, offensive, putrid, repulsive and politically incorrect.
All interested need not be easily insulted, or offended. We are a large creepy gore family for the Halloween Season+, and ask that you approach with an open mind and leave the ego's at the door. We also ask that you come dressed in your proposed performance attire for the 2011 season, unless circumstances prevent you from doing so. Please be prepared to fill out a quick questionnaire concerning your talents as well as personal contact information. A picture will be taken of you before your audition. There will be a rescheduled time for any past actor that can not make this event. We thank you for your interest in the Hotel of Horror, and look forward to an outstanding 2011 production. We have a magnitude of surprises in store for both our cast and our beloved patrons this year.
Please RSVP or direct any questions to

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