Opie and Anthony Listening Thread- 11/17/11- Thanks for Nothing / OWS Drinking Game

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And we're off…

Take a shot every time Anthony yells or Opie whines…
Ugh. I grabbed my fiance's laptop so I could listen to the show (it doesn't work on mine).. I'm about to shut it back off. Enough about this shit.
Did Opie just ask why do horses need horse shoes? I don't know.. why do WE need shoes ya dolt.


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Fuck I thought that it was going to be best off before the hard rock


All are welcome
Is this best of? I just came in, but I know Penn told this story before...exactly like he's telling it now.
Any reason why they couldn't just do the whole show at the Hard Rock?
"That's Stalker Patti.... She's somewhere between hermaphrodite and disaster."

And with the LOTD.
This would be better with some kind of video stream.

<spoiler> Mr Obvious </spoiler>
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