Opie and Anthony Listening thread 16/10/12: haha..noises.....

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Hoping for a jocktober portion. Haven't heard a live jocktober in years.


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I still haven't heard yesterday's Jocktober. Just finished my drive when it came on replay and then they played the Fonz for the 5-6AM worst of this morning. I still come to watch the Facebook destruction.


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I wonder what fez thinks of these Gawker shenanigans


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Not Vick Henley!


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It sounds like a generic Rolling Stones song, any new material they probably just take left over songs that never made it to an album over the last 50 years. Same thing with AC/DC and KISS have done with their last albums


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Paul Stanley can't sing anymore, then again he's almost 60 and has been hitting those high notes for 40 years


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Ronnie James Dio sounded good in his 60s, but he is the exception. Most of them can't sustain it.
Does Opie really think promoting any movie on this show is going to make that much of a dent in the film's opening weekend?


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I got the new KISS album on vinyl and the fucking cheap ass Jews didn't include a free digital download of the album for buying the vinyl like every other new vinyl album I'm bought over the last couple of years.

Hey Gene & Paul, I'm not gonna buy the same album multiple times again. I've bought those KISS albums on cassette, CD, remastered CD, and some on vinyl (Alive & Ace's solo)

I've bought most of the AC/DC albums 2 or 3 times as well

I rarely even listen to music anymore, just O&A, talk radio, and podcasts. Only time I listen to music is when I just show off my A/V system to someone, which I've just upgraded with Martin Logan speakers including a pair of Electro Stats that need to play about 72 hours before they really break in, and so far those things sound fantastic. I've heard a lot of speakers over the years, and by far these are the best I've heard without spending $10k or more at $2200 a pair the ML ESLs aren't cheap but for the sound quality you get from them, I'm totally blown away



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Never heard this song before. :/

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Did Kiss hire studio musicians to write and perform their songs on their new album, like they have since 1982?
The Opie and Anthony Channel, the only station that really cocks.


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The new Rush record rules. Get off their balls.


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KISS fucking stinks.

Have you ever seen KISS live?

I know its trendy to hate on KISS because Gene's character that he plays is a prick and everything, but the were always entertaining.

Oh I'm not seeing KISS live anymore, it really should have ended 10 years ago, or go back to being the band they were in the 80's to mid 90's

Oh I'm convinced that Gene plans on his son replacing him in the band and his daughter replacing Paul - that way he doesn't have to pay anyone and can keep the band touring and bringing in the money
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