Opie and Anthony listening thread 18/06/12 something smart goes here

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Good morning. No Opie today... Which means... NO CALLERS. Oh I do dislike Opie's love for taking calls.


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When a guy uses the "she puts up with alot of my stuff..." excuse to defend a cunty wife, you know he's in for a life of misery.
To be fair to Erock's wife, she didn't leave him after the (multiple) Justine Jolie fiascos. But, to be fair to Erock, she does sound unbearable.


Oh, just in case anyone is curious what was playing during that promo just now it's the Bloody Beatroots and Steve Aoki remix of 'New Noise' by Refused.


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This was a rare time where I actually felt some sympathy for Erock, it was a nice change of pace. I'm tired of hating him.

And the Opie, Jimmy, and Sam show is absolutely excellent. It is just rolling.

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It's freeing and refreshing
Great show. Now if Sam would just die it would be perfect.


Guess who's back? Hoffman's back
Uncle Paul disrupting the caller? Nice!
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