Opie and Anthony Listening Thread - 9/12/11 - Plastic Hanger Abortions

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Guilty Spark

It's freeing and refreshing
Jim didn't even know the Cowboys were playing, but he gets this angry when they lose?
I hate Pearl Jam. Can't stand the singer's voice. He sings like he has a vibrator on his Adam's apple.

Bill Lehecka

The Fat Horse v. 2.0
Jim didn't even know the Cowboys were playing, but he gets this angry when they lose?
If you were a fan of them you would be. Up 2 touchdowns in the 4th quarter, you expect to win. They choked it away.

But I can't wait now to hear the replay to hear Sports Expert Opie talk about his Jets how he and his team were down two touchdowns and came back... Unless he went to bed early and didn't know they won until this morning...


Fatty made love to a cupcake
Yeah, Opie. You love Johnny Cash. Sure.

The Godfather

Spark it up for The Godfather and say!!!!!
they aren't going to talk about Anthony's drunken muslim rant from yesterday that VERY WELL could get him fired? (easily could be national news - the next Don Imus situation- islamophobia outrage. Anthony just skated on thin-ice if he is able to get away with it)


fuckin sandniggs
He/she can do what he/she wants. Why does Jimmy care whether she commits to getting a penis or not?


How do I look, Denny?
What kinda work did Simon Cowell get...his eye look different and he just look different now.
Because Chazz Bono is an attention whore making all this public
He/she is Cher's daughter. She couldn't hide it if she tried.

While I agree with your point it does seem stupid to call her a he/him when she has a cunt.
I just don't get why Jimmy had to get so upset about it. WHO CARES?! I just hate when he acts judgmental.


He's no good to me dead.

What a positive listening thread we have so far this AM. Yipes.
Tyra Banks is coming in? This would only be good if they're honest with her.
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