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I can't reiterate this more than I have to everyone who stopped by my desk today. I went on and on how people can say what they want about O & A being offensive and exploitive to women. The bottom line is under the sickest of situations, they came on the air and voiced the opinion of the majority of the people in the United States. We are getting to hear from the victims, opinionists, and the guy's themselves. All I can say is the callers that called in saying "just to hear O & A on the air gave them some sort of relief". Let alone the great job they did. They spoke the truth today, and I am not the only one who thinks so. My Father, who is a Vet and is really taken by all of this, said and I quote: "These are the only guys speaking the truth."

I can go on and on. I know there is a time and place. But I commend them, because they once again helped me get through the day. This being one of the worst days of my life. Thanks Opie and Anthony.


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I am glad to see some public people are angry and not shocked and sad like most of the news media.
I'm e-mailing from Texas...I'm devastated- feel totally useless, and prayers go out to all effected.
In North Texas, blood donations have broken all records; I had to make an appointment to give in 2 weeks! That's the soonest they could take me. I have called the Red Cross, and talked about possibility of coming there to help with the process of clearing the debris or relieving those that are killing themselves with fatigue by trying to find survivors. If they will allow a Red Cross support flight to NY or D.C., I'll be on it, as will many other Texans and Americans.
If not, we will all that we can from here...God bless all of you that are helping out up there and know that you are not alone, you and all that you have lost are in our thoughts and in our fervent prayers...TRP. :(


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frogman welcome and thank you so much for the suport ...I swear if it was not for the boys of talk radio I would have never made it thru the day....
I will even give up most credit to Howard he did a wonderful job supporting everyone ..
To don and mike great also...
and our boys opie and anthony and ron and fez no words can even express what a great job they have done nothing but upmost respect to all of them
Man, this has been such a freaky time for all us New Yorks, and non-NY'ers as well. I had an aunt who was in the next building complex from the WTC, and managed to get out before the buildings imploded and collapsed. My prayers go out to everyone who has family involved in this. Let's hope to God that something is done quickly.



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i agree with you all. After this atrosity all the other stuff seems like it was trivial. Like words said on a radio show . Americans took a sucker punch the other day and now we are getting up to show them they made the biggest mistake of their lives. I am afraid that the fight wont be so fair tho, they carry box cutters we carry misiles. after all is said and done we will stand together and indeed will have a party to beat all others. We can salute the Boys and all Americans for truth, justice and the American way because America you are a true superman. God Bless you all/
I think their doing a great job ..in fact WNEW as a whole are doing a great job


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When do you think this public service by having shows with no commercials will end?



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O&A once again dedicated their show to the trajedy that happened on the 11 and that is continuing today.
"These are the only guys speaking the truth."
So true Mav. They are doing a tremendous job, in very difficult times. The station as a whole should be applauded, and O+A in particular for telling the truth.
All the other stations are just performing lip-service, and hoping for an award for their useless drivel. :(
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