Opie and Anthony Web App


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The Android App is nearly useless, but now the Web App is always disconnecting and unreliable unless you are listening in real time. The past week I've simply just given up and downloaded the show in the afternoon from the Internets. Anyone else experiencing the same problem?


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I have been using the Android app for probably two years, and the newest version is excellent. I almost never listen live; I use the on demand all the time, and have very little trouble with it. I have a GSIII.


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Fuck it. Guess I'll just miss the first hour of the show from now on.


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I have the iphone 4s and 85% of the time the app works great. I can pause the live show when i have to take phone calls and talk to people then restart it. The time it doesnt work i just download the show. Siriusxm ap crashes when i use the ondeamnd feature 1/2 the time.
Is it the feedback app? Does it let you listen to the show live?