Opie & Anthony Listening Thread - 10/20/2011 - Celebrities Running

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Alright gents.

Bed time for me.

Let dreams of Gadaffi Duck being beat to death dance in your heads.

The Keeed

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Then you're a fool. Of course it was a bit.

Saying they don't do bits was itself a bit.

All of radio is a bit in one way or another.
The only thing worse than bragging about shitting on a beach when everyone's tired of hearing about it and not laughing is if you never actually shit on a beach and just made the whole thing up.


I have a lot of business with the Chinese
I don't think the "hating" is out of control & this board is still a very positive board
Message Boards in general have become places to complain because people tend to dissect & when you dissect you always find fault
Overall there are way more fans than haters on here & its still a welcoming board to those that stopped listening or have become lesser fans


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I guess my only actual concern is that they're blocking out all criticism
That is probably my biggest complaint. I wish they would take some heed to what we say, because we are real fans. Instead they just call us haters and brush it off.
Attention whores are extremely needy
Post something that has nothing remotely to do with them
And yet , they have to make it about themselves
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