Opie & Anthony listening Thread - 12-14-11 -Whip Em Out Wed...

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Lunch at the top of the CN tower is amazing. The restaurant is actually very good, too. I just about shit myself walking on the glass floor of the observation deck, mind.


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morning fuckers, my hang over shall be cured by toast and beer.

didnt they watch a ton of these vids a few months back? also some boring whore in later? seems like we're in for a good day
I was fine on those plexiglass balconies on the Sears Tower, at least until some kid started jumping on them.


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I just watched all the Videos the Boys watched...was pretty cool with the visual for a change...I want to climb up on that Dubai Tower...


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I was fine on those plexiglass balconies on the Sears Tower, at least until some kid started jumping on them.
My good friend and his uncle were just up in the sears tower this summer...seen the pictures...I got to go next summer...and a trip to Vegas in next 3 months or so...maybe when nascar races there...never been and i have been sports gambling for 35 years and craps...Horses etc...

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Ugh, these little kids can run up the score in high school all they want. Anything played at an earlier age is to learn fundamentals so I have no problem with a mercy rule.


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Did Jimmy actually say "5 bucks for four hours of Patrice...that's less than a buck an hour"


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Holy shit... I never realized Bagel/Nagle.
I really wish Norton would let this go. Who gives a shit if Eric talks dirty!!!!!!

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Siri is great for writing text messages on the road, for the most part.

And those movement chips (What's that?) won't work because I could be in my car and not driving...

The Hands Free ban doesn't apply to OnStar or Ford Sync, where phone capability and voice recognition is built in.


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Oh Ant, he was already up to plenty of shenannigans by the time 1938 rolled around.


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Holy shit Jimmy needs to get laid he is going on with the dirty talk and everything is dropping down to dirty sex talk.

sent from my phone so deal with the terrible grammar and misspellings

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This caller talks so much shit, he's basically a bowel with a phone.
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